We’ve reached our goal!

Great news! Our project is really rolling along. We have reached our goal of printing and giving away 300 copies of Judy's book Be Good to Yourselves.

Thank-you for all your support! We are very grateful for the many people who have been moved by "Be Good to Yourselves" and have joined this effort.

Bruce, Glenn, Will & Michael Lee

Be Good to Yourselves

About "Be Good to Yourselves"

Judy Leever of Loveland, Ohio was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 and died a year and a half later. Very early in that journey, she decided to write about it. She offered to share with any of her friends who wished to know how she was faring, and what was on her mind. People replied “yes!” by the dozens, and so began the centerpiece of this book: Judy’s letters.

Be advised this book will make the reader both cry and laugh out loud. … But for the reader who decides to walk along with Judy by way of her letters, and with her family by way of their additional expressions, no more profound message can be found than exists in this book: How to love one’s life and the whole beautiful world, while gracefully approaching one’s death.

Soon after her death, Judy’s husband, Bruce, and her sons, Glenn, Will and Michael, set out to place Judy’s collected letters in the hands of her bereaved family and her community of friends. Still in shock, the four sought a way to make Judy, in a sense, live again. Making this book was a difficult task that, in the most practical sense, helped each of them grieve, but the process also kept them bound together as the literally creative (if forever changed) family they are.

As Judy reached out to many people beyond her immediate circle, so too are her husband and sons wishing to share her gift of words with those who may be in need of comfort, inspiration or just a friendly honest voice in time of trouble.

About This Project

We plan to make copies of "Be Good To Yourselves" available to cancer centers and cancer support groups and doctors who have patients and their families who are struggling with the disease.

All donations are helpful and appreciated. Our initial printing goal is 300 copies, which will cost approximately $3000.

Update: As of November 2013 we have reached our initial goal! Thank you to everybody who supported this project.

We are fundraising to help with the cost of printing the books. The more money we are able to raise, the more books we will be able to print and share. We are hoping those who knew and loved Judy will get pleasure from seeing this bit of her continue to circulate in the world and to help others.

We welcome donations of any amount.

As a thank-you gift from us, anyone who donates to this project will receive a copy of "Be Good To Yourselves".

Bruce, Glenn, Will, and Michael have donated Judy's letters and their own heartfelt thoughts to this project. Dos Madres Press, whose founders are long time friends of Judy, donated creative time to design this book, Creekjumper Creations donated website design and construction. Many others have helped with proof-reading, research and encouragement. This website is designed to make it possible for anyone who wants a copy of Judy’s book: Be Good To Yourselves, or share it with others, to participate in the Leever family’s project.

All donations made through this site are collected securely via PayPal. You may use your PayPal account or a major credit card.